Meet the Team

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House Downing

Charlina DP

Charlina Hung

Bio: Filthy Casual. Coffee Addict. Love Liver.

Responsibilities: Front-End, Trello, Slack-master, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JQuery.



Bio: Feed me...

Responsibility: Team Support

Mallory DP

Mallory Koai

Bio: Mallory of House Koai. Lover of horror. Mother of cats.

Responsibilities: Front-End, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Apiary, UML Design, JQuery.

Oliver DP

Oliver Lee

Bio: Senior undergraduate, double major in Computer Science and Philosophy.

Responsibilities: Back-End, Phase 1 Leader, Rackspace Setup and Management, RESTful API design, Data Collection, Unit Testing.

Ariel DP

Ariel Sibille

Bio: Likes Dogs.

Responsibilities: Back-End, Phase 2 Leader, Rackspace, Apiary, PostgreSQL, DMD design, Data Collection and Migration to Database.

Troy DP

Troy Varney

Bio: When am I supposed to give you that bio thing again?

Responsibilities: Back-End Flask models, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, HTML, Unit Testing.