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Robin Arryn


  • Alias: Little Bird
  • Gender: Male
  • Religion: Faith of the Seven
  • Status: Alive

Robin Arryn, commonly called "Sweetrobin" by his mother, is a recurring character in the first, fourth and fifth seasons. He is played by guest star Lino Facioli and debuts in "The Wolf and the Lion". Lord Robin Arryn is the only surviving child and heir of Lord Jon Arryn by his wife, Lysa of House Tully. He is the Lord of the Eyrie, the head of House Arryn, the Warden of the East and Lord Paramount of the Vale of Arryn. His mother was killed by Petyr Baelish in "Mockingbird" by being pushed out of the Moon Door and falling hundreds of feet to her death, leaving Petyr as the acting Lord Paramount of the Vale as Robin's step-father.


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