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Robb Stark


  • Alias: King in the North
  • Gender: Male
  • Religion: Old Gods of the Forest
  • Status: Deceased

Robb Stark is a major character in the first, second, and third seasons. He is played by starring cast member Richard Madden, and debuts in the series premiere. Robb is the eldest son of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell and his wife Lady Catelyn, brother of Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon Stark, and half-brother of Jon Snow. He adopts a direwolf named Grey Wind. When Eddard is arrested and subsequently executed by King Joffrey, Robb is declared King in the North, and leads a rebellion against the Iron Throne. In the resulting conflict, he proves himself an adept battle commander, securing several notable victories over Lannister forces and capturing Jaime Lannister. However, he is a naive and inexperienced politician, putting honorable conduct over practical concerns, and makes a number of crucial blunders. He breaks an oath to marry a daughter of his ally Walder Frey, choosing instead to marry Talisa Maegyr, and he entrusts Theon Greyjoy to negotiate an alliance with the ironborn, but Theon betrays him and seizes Winterfell. Robb then alienates the Karstarks, who make up nearly half of his remaining army, when he executes their leader Rickard Karstark, after Rickard kills two young Lannister boys. With the war turning against him, Robb is forced to turn to the Freys again. He seemingly wins back their support by agreeing for his uncle Edmure Tully to marry Roslin Frey. Unbeknownst to Robb, it is a trap, as the Freys and Stark bannerman Roose Bolton are now in league with Tywin Lannister. At the wedding feast, despite invoking guest right, the Freys turn on the Starks, and Robb, Catelyn, Talisa and most of his army are massacred in what becomes known as the Red Wedding. Robb himself is personally killed by Roose Bolton. This effectively ends the northern rebellion, and the Starks are stripped of their ancestral seat in the North.


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